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June 30th, 2011

Why Use A Swingers Forum?

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A swingers forum is a great place to meet other swingers. These online communities allow people to connect with other swingers, get questions answered, and just find out more about the lifestyle. Some people use forums to connect with others to participate with as well. Using a forum has many advantages.


Networking in any community you can will bring benefits. A swingers forum allows you to form connections with fellow swingers. These connections can bring you new ideas, services, and can even generate income for you. Since you’re dealing with other swingers, you never have to worry about backlash because of your lifestyle.

Asking Questions

Many new swingers are too nervous or embarrassed to ask questions of other swingers at live events. A forum provides a way for people to ask the questions they have without worrying about stumbling over their words or being ridiculed. It can be a great way to learn more about the ins and outs of the lifestyle and become more comfortable with it before attending an event. It can also be helpful for those who have already tried it a few times and just need some advice on situations that may have come up.

Meeting People

A forum for swingers can also serve as a great way to find other swingers to join. Many forums have subforums devoted to meeting people. In the forum you are able to ask questions and get to know the others without revealing personal information. If you feel there is a connection, you can go forward from there.

May 10th, 2011

Swinger Forum Etiquette

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Joining a swingers forum is a great way to meet other people. It can also help you if you are new to understand the lifestyle. Any questions you may have about the lifestyle can be answered by other swingers on forums. This is a great way to become more knowledgeable. However, there are some unwritten rules you should always follow to create a welcome environment.

Don’t Troll

Regardless of the forum, trolls are always frowned upon. This means don’t post responses to others posts with the intentions of starting trouble. If someone posts something you don’t agree with, you can respectfully rebuke it without being a jerk. If you start posting insulting comments you will not be welcomed in to the community. It’s also not liked if you decide to troll for dates. Most swinging forums will have a sub-forum set up for this. Constantly spamming threads with date requests can get you banned from the online community.

Be Respectful

There are many different forms of swinging. You may be interested in one thing while others are interested in others. There may also be some differences of opinion when it comes to the lifestyle. You can be open about what you believe and feel without being disrespectful of others. If someone asks question regarding one type, don’t jump in and provide an authoritative answer unless you’ve been personally involved and know the answer. It’s also important to remember that there will never be just one answer to questions regarding swinging. If you are respectable you will be welcomed in the community.

April 30th, 2011

Best Names To Use On A Swingers Forum

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If you’ve been on a swingers forum you will see that many people choose to use nicknames and pseudonyms.¬† There’s a good reason for this. First, you don’t want a lot of your personal information floating around for anyone to see. Secondly, many people want to keep their swinging life separate from their real lives, and creating a pseudonym helps keep the fantasy where it belongs. But what kind of name should you use?

Keep It Sexy

Unless your fetish is granny swinging, using the name Grandma won’t sound so sexy to others. You want to create a name that is sexy and fits you. Think of common names in a strip club, or look through a baby name book for more exotic names. A dominatrix is more likely to get responses with a name like Devil over a name like Sweet Princess. You don’t have to choose something that isn’t a traditional name either.

Consider Your Interests

Your name, or handle, is going to become synonymous with your online personality. If you are using a swingers forums to meet others, you want to think about the things you are in to when you create your name. If you are interested in some type of fetish, try to incorporate this in to your handle. Names like GreedyGurl4U will get the attention of those who are also interested in this.

Don’t Be Gross

Unless you have a diaper fetish, avoid using names that are going to invoke unseemly images. If your thing is something a little dirtier or unheard of, include that in your tagline or in your profile. You’ll be taken more seriously this way.

March 26th, 2011

Swinger Club Forums – Know Before You Go

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Many swingers clubs have full interactive websites for its members. These websites are great to help people discern whether or not the club is right for them. Since swinging memberships are typically low, but the events can be costly, spending a few bucks on the online membership to access the forums is a good idea and can save you money if you decide the events aren’t for you.

Getting A Better Idea

The forums will be full of current members who discuss the events they have attended. Since many clubs have a tight knit following, you may find that an open swinging event draws more fetishists than it does straight swingers. This would be good to know before you go. You can also get a better idea of how the events are handled, and you can ask questions you may have regarding storage, the facilities, parking, and even security and get honest straightforward answers.


All clubs have rules posted when you go. However, many of the rules are unwritten and just expected to be known. Some clubs have a list of rules that are so long that it would take you 20 minutes to stand there and read them all, and you may not remember them later. The forums are a good place to research this before hand so you can decide if this is the type of club you want to go to. For instance, some clubs may have rules against alcohol consumption, while others  will only ask you to leave if you are visually intoxicated. This could be important to know if you want to have a few cocktails while at the club.

February 11th, 2011

Should You Put Your Contact Details In A Forum?

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Putting contact details in a forum may seem harmless, but it can create a host of issues for you later. If you want to plan an event, or want information on an event that as been posted, there are ways you can get your information to the right person without putting it out there for the world.

Create A Throw Away Email Address

If you are going to participate in any kind of forum, you should have an email address you use exclusively for this purpose. You should use a free email service, and it’s a good idea to not use your real name. This will make it harder for people to track you through your email, and if you start to get harassed or spammed, you can just ignore the email address. If you want to post an event, have people email you at this address. If you are responding to an ad that was posted, you can email them from this address as well.

Keep Your Info Safe

Swinging forums attract a lot of not so nice people. While the community tends to be tight knit, its still going to happen where unsavory people slip through the cracks. If you’ve posted your home address, you are risking a dangerous game. Other swingers also won’t be too happy if the location of the event has been posted for the world to see. Many people don’t realize just how much information Google tracks, even listing your phone number can end up getting archived and you may receive prank calls.

January 28th, 2011

Finding New Adult Contacts Through Forums

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Finding new contacts through adult forums can be a great way to meet other like minded people. There are several types of adult forums online, and you just need to find one that suits what you are looking for.

Swinging Forums

For those who are in to the world or swinging, signing up as a member can allow you to find other swingers in your area. This is also a great place for people who are curious about the lifestyle but have never tried it, or for those who are a little wet behind the ears with their experiences. You can speak with experienced swingers to learn more about what to expect. It can be helpful to read about real life experiences so you will have a better idea of what actually happens.

BDSM Forums

Another popular type of adult forum is the BDSM forum. Here you can find people who share the same fantasies, and set up meetings. This is really good for people who have fetishes that are hard to fulfill ordinarily. Men who enjoy sissy play, women who want to find bulls, or those in to cuckolding can all find what they are looking for here. It’s also a goo place to meet others who have more experience to help you learn more about the world of BDSM and other fetishes.

January 13th, 2011

The Culture Of Swinging

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Swinging in Ireland became popular in the 60s, but it has its place in history long before that. Just recently it’s become more acceptable, but it still largely an underground phenomenon. Swinging is about much more than just sex, and many people don’t realize this.

Sense Of Community

Since swinging is still largely underground because of the stereotypes involved, those in the swinging community become fast friends with one another. And believe it or not, those involved in swinging are able to form fairly large networks. This allows them to be more active in the community without the swinging being an issue.

Open Sexuality

Swingers feel they are more evolved than those who aren’t swingers. This is because they feel that they understand the difference between love and sex. They feel you can be in love with one person and still have desires to do other things. Swingers embrace this, and enjoy their desires in the company of their partners. At the end of the night they still go home with their partner in a loving, committed relationship.


There are unwritten rules and guidelines in the swinging community. Swingers will have rules set up with their partners that go over what is and what isn’t allowed. This keeps the relationship strong and takes away issues that can arrise out of jealousy. Clubs and parties also have rules that must be followed. The rules are designed to keep everyone safe and happy. These may include the use of condoms, no cameras, regulations regarding alcohol consumption, as well as rules of conduct.

December 9th, 2010

Sharing Your Swinger Stories In A Forum

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A swingers forum is a great place for people to get new ideas and learn about the lifestyle. As a side note, it’s also a good place to read erotic stories from other members. There are several benefits to sharing your swinger stories on a swingers forum.

Getting Advice

You may have run in to a situation that you aren’t quite sure how to handle. When this happens sharing the story on the forum can get you advice from other members. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help, and others may have had similar experiences. Sharing your experiences is one of the best ways to deal with uncomfortable situations, or get advice about how to best handle them if they come up again.

Sharing The Thrills

Another benefit to sharing your stories on a swingers forum is for pure erotic purposes. It can be really hot to read through other members stories, and you can get new ideas this way as well. Sharing your stories may do this for other swingers too. If you happen to post a story that people near you like, you may also find yourself getting invites to private swingers parties, and this is always a plus.

Helping Newbies

New swingers almost always have anxiety when it comes to their first time. If they are able to read other stories, both successful and not successful, it will help them understand the lifestyle and the importance of setting ground rules. Swinging is a small community, and everyone likes to help out everyone else. Just remember, you were new once too.

November 12th, 2010

How To Arrange Swinger Events Through Forums

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Arranging events through swingers forums is actually quite easy. If you expect people to show up to your event or Swinger Party, there are a few things you should think about first.

Become Respected

If you join a forum simply to post a party invite, you probably won’t be taken too seriously. Swingers forums are always full of trolls, and people who set up fake parties. To avoid this, spend a few weeks on the forums talking to others. Once you have made a presence you can post your event information without being seen as a troll.

Know What To Post

You should never post your full names, addresses, or phone numbers on any forum. This is just inviting strangers to your home. Instead you should set up an email address that you use only for the forums. The event posting should include what type of event it is, what type of people you are looking for, and the email address you created. This way those that are serious must email you and you can begin the screening process before giving out contact information.

Be Realistic

If you post that you are hosting an event for 60 people, but only have a small 2 bedroom house, don’t expect a good reception. If you post that you are only looking for couples from ages 18-25 who are attractive and fit, you also won’t get a good response. It’s natural to want attractive people in your age range at your events, and you have every right to not want to accept certain people. However, posting this type of demanding regulation will just make people who do fit the bill keep looking.

October 30th, 2010

UK Swinger Forum Communities

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Swingers communities have always been tight knit in nature. Since swinging isn’t something that is generally discussed openly with great approval, it can become important to be part of a community. This allows you to maintain your chosen lifestyle and freely discuss issues that can arise as a result. You can find many places online in the UK that harbour an open environment for swingers to interact.

New To Swinging

If you are new to swinging, finding an open forum is a great way to learn more about the lifestyle. In general, forum communities for swingers are friendly and inviting. You can chat with experienced swingers and read about others experiences. This will help you learn what the whole thing is about, give you helpful tips for creating ground rules, and can help you with issues such as jealousy that are common to new swingers.

Finding Hookups

Another benefit to finding forums for swingers in the UK is it allows you to network with other swingers. This is great if the club scene just isn’t your thing, but you still want to enjoy swinging. Using the forums to form strong relationships will give you a better chance of getting invites to private swinging parties. Many prefer the parties since they have limited people and are typically a more intimate atmosphere.

Finding Help With Common Problems

Even swingers who have been active in the lifestyle for years can run in to issues every now and then. It’s not easy going to a co-worker or friend who doesn’t understand the lifestyle for help. The online forum communities allow you a place where you can get answers and opinions to any issue that you may be facing with your swinging activities.